If you cannot click on and listen to these audio files, you might want to right click and save them to your local computer hard drive.

  1. Rob says, "We've been told that you're here." Is it a female voice that responds?
  2. Using the Ghost Radar Classic app on two HTC EVO phones, we had previously requested a name. Mike's phone told us something interesting and fitting, given we were in the dining room, just off the kitchen at the time.
  3. Heeding the instructions of the phone app, Ed takes the audio recorder with him into the kitchen. There are two versions of this one. The raw, unedited audio, and a clean version. Very faint, listen with headphones.
  4. Ed has gotten up from his seat and is walking around in the dining room when he hears a random knock.
  5. This is audio of Rob, Mike and Ed coming out of the kitchen. Mike leads and pushes the swinging door. He feels it hit against someone and bounce back at him, but no one is out there.
  6. In the auditorium, Mike thinks he hears one of the blinds rustling.
  7. Here is audio of what we thought was the projection screen moving. We tried to debunk what could make the noise and whether wind/breeze/air could move the screen. It's very heavy. Raw version. Cleaned version.
  8. After requesting the sound be made again and we would leave, it did it again, much to our surprise.
  9. So, after further trying to debunk the noise, Ed is sitting right beside the screen when the noise comes again. And it isn't coming from the screen.
  10. These next three are noises in the Safari Bar.