Explanations of EVPs can be found below


  1. Group A was in one of the classrooms upstairs doing a ghost box experiment. They asked "How many of you are here".
  2. This is another response from the ghost box. We ask, "Is Lou here?" and receive a matter of fact response.
  3. Donna asking for the K2 lights to light up. There's a whispered voice afterwards. [Not sure if this isn't Brian from V.V.P.S.]
  4. Group A was in the gymnasium/auditorium hoping to make contact with someone. Donna asks for a response and gets one.
  5. Group A started their investigation off with an era cues experiment involving an audio file Rob recorded of his son's class singing at a recital. After no less than 8 minutes, Ramona (from V.V.P.S.) tells of random equipment failures they were getting.
  6. This next set of 6 EVPs comes from the Group B digital recorder of Kathryn Thomson.

  7. In the basement cafeteria: "We have some candy" - sounds like "No" response.
  8. After getting out Smarties Candies and a Lolly pop, then saying "It's okay" it sounds like something, maybe "Thank you" in a mechanical tone.
  9. Some backround noise, almost like two sighs, or two noises. Two of us heard and questioned... "What was that?"
  10. Walking and entering Gymnasium: At the very beginning it sounds like someone says "Hello?" The only male with us was Joe.
  11. Close up Whisper? Can't tell what it is.
  12. Upstairs hallway near Janitor's Closet. Ovilus in phonetic mode. We thought it said "Lou" then asked to say it again and heard what we thought was "Again"... then both K2 meters went on and off at the same time.