Medicine or Poltergeist
Moraine, Ohio
March 3, 2008
(The Case That Almost Wasn't)

Investigators present: Rob, Ed, Patty, Ravin

Note: The client's name has been changed to protect her identity.

While out on a service call for my "day job," I received a text message from my boss saying, "Gloria Lovely has a ghost" along with her phone number. I called him back at the office, and he proceeded to explain to me that Gloria Lovely had called in dire need of help. She had a ghost. If we had taken our time with this one and not been in so much of a hurry to do another ghost hunt with our slimmer/trimmer lineup, I think we could have avoided the mess that continues to haunt us to this day.

Gloria Lovely is a widow and lives with her cat in a condominium in Moraine, Ohio. The condos were built in 1984, and her particular address had only five previous owners. We almost didn't do this investigation because the week she called was the week that I decided to disband the group. There was already trouble with the Piqua Bunch, and no one was coming to the group meetings, even after calling and emailing them numerous times as a reminder.

Patty and I had conducted an initial interview which went well. We heard from not only Gloria, but her friend Esther and a nurse lady who was familiar with "Ghost Hunters." She was excited that we would be coming out in late February. Unfortunately, as it turned out, one of my many bouts with flu that year took me out of commission that weekend, as well as a significant snowfall (almost 16"). We rescheduled for early in March.

After almost a week and a half of receiving at least one phone call per day from Gloria about her ghost, I finally got Patty involved. She set up for us to investigate on March 3rd, and we were onsite later in the evening around 8:00pm. I had gotten over my flu and was ready to get this investigation rolling. I think my preconceived notions had gotten the better of me as initial scans with an EMF meter had picked up HIGH levels of EMF in the hallway and in the closet where the entity ("Greg") entered the condo.

The client's claim was that "Greg" manifested himself right around bedtime with noises from the closet. He would tromp around, making all kinds of ruckus, and sometimes stand in the bedroom watching her. There were also claims that he would get into bed with her as well as hearing him bounce a ball around (which woke up the baby upstairs), and that he would go "down" and take a shower very early in the morning.

While I was setting up the cameras, Patty and Ravin were talking with the condo neighbors. The older lady next door reported that Gloria would call her practically every day with questions, "Did you hear this? Did you hear that?" Upstairs pretty much claimed that she was a little bit looney and called the cops out frequently. [They had in fact been there the previous night, as Gloria claimed that her car had started running all by itself, and she could not get it shut off.]

After the girls passed on an abridged version of the info to the rest of the group, we got down to business. Ed and I went first into the spare bedroom with the closet. We held vigil in there for almost an hour, asking questions and scanning with the EMF meter. There were a couple fluctuations, but nothing significant (over 1.0 which seemed to be baseline).

While Ed and I were doing our session, Patty and Ravin were talking with Gloria and Esther out in the living room. Prior to this, Ravin had seen, lying out in plain sight, numerous bottles of prescription medications and quickly took notes on the names of the medications. We conferred privately later as a group and realized that this lady was on some heavy duty anti-psychotics and anti-depressants. The girls also learned from Esther that Gloria was taking medicine for Parkinson's disease. My initial suspicions were becoming reality.

Ed and I spent about an hour in the spare bedroom posing questions to "Greg" and scanning the room for EMF. Nothing unusual happened, and even the high EMF that I had discovered on a previous visit in the corner of the closet was gone. We switched off, and Patty and Ravin went into first Gloria's bedroom and then into the spare one. Ed and I went outside to see if noises from outside could carry into the condo. With Ravin and Patty inside the spare bedroom, Ed and I stood outside and talked, but the girls both said that they couldn't hear us.

Heading back inside, I sat down in front of the computer to monitor the cameras and Ed sat in the living room with Gloria and Esther. All was pretty quiet, and after maybe twenty minutes, the next thing I know is that Gloria is sending Ed on a food run (burger and a frosty from Wendy's). Mentioning this over the radio to the girls in the bedroom (and seeing their response over the camera), I was quickly reaching the realization that nothing was going to happen because nothing paranormal was going on at this location.

Upon Ed's return, Patty and Ravin had left their vigil in the spare bedroom and were scanning for EMF in Gloria's room and in the bathroom. I found Ravin in the closet between the bathroom and bedroom scanning the floor and picking up a strong signal on the detector. After tracing it one way to the counter with her meds on it and the other way across the hall to the breaker box, I concluded that it was some power wire and nothing paranormal.

Patty and Ravin broke off and went into the kitchen and living room to sit for a while. Ed and I sat in Gloria's bedroom and the bathroom respectively and listened. Ed did EVPs and proceeded to explain to me that the water sounds came from the wall behind the toilet and that the entire complex's sewer lines ran right behind there. It was no wonder she could hear water running at all hours.

In an attempt to set Gloria at ease (and just in case there really WAS something there and we'd just missed it), we had Ravin perform a spiritual cleansing ritual with the promise to bring some blessed stones from Ravin along when Patty and I came out to do the reveal. I was uneasy about the whole aspect of doing this because we are ghost hunters, not ghost busters, but Ravin has some involvement with the occult and Wicca, so I thought it was better to cover all the bases.

Deciding to call it a night, we wrapped up and headed home. Reviewing the evidence revealed at first what I thought were some strange EVPs, but upon listening to them and having other team members listen, all of them were dismissed as incidental noises.

It was about a week or so later that Patty and I returned to Gloria's condo to tell her that we'd really picked up nothing out of the ordinary on any of the equipment. Gloria was still adamant that the ghost was in the condo watching her while she slept and taking a shower in the wee hours. Patty went and placed the stones per Ravin's instructions. Hoping this would give the client some peace of mind, we left with the promise to keep in touch with her. Thankfully Patty took care of this aspect of the ongoing investigation, and she received an almost weekly phone call (sometimes more than weekly) and report from Gloria along the lines of, "He's still here."

It was on this investigation that I realized I had a good group of people involved in this venture. We all knew what needed to be done, and everything just fell into place. Ravin and Patty did a great job interviewing the neighbors as well as investigating, and Ed was also in full "debunking mode" throughout.

Update:? Since a lengthy stay in the hospital during the months of April and May 2008, Gloria has no longer kept in contact with Patty. Hopefully her medicines were adjusted appropriately, and she no longer has the feeling that "Greg" is around her. I still think Gloria has a lot more going on within herself than meets the eye, but nothing paranormal.