Case Number: 20080330-G
Century Inn: Glendale, OH

March 30, 2008

  1. Pre-Investigation
  2. Investigation
  3. Conclusions


Investigators present: Rob, Ed, Patty

Assisted By: Becky, Wendy, and Lesley (employees of the Century Inn)

Claims of activity: According to both Becky and Lesley, noises from the upstairs (which is off limits, even to the employees) can be heard. Along with the noises, Becky has had her name called when no one else was in the room. General feelings of creepiness and being watched pervade most of the establishment. A spool of wire was rolled clear across the kitchen floor and into the office one night while Lesley was closing the books. The basement also held a treasure that we couldn't investigate, namely a trap door that led to an Underground Railroad tunnel. Unfortunately, the tunnel had collapsed some years back and the door was stuck shut.






Nothing anomalous was found in the video footage.

What We Captured: Several EVPs were captured during the night's investigation. EMF spiked in the usual places, explaining much of the feelings of being watched, etc. Lots of "orbs" were picked up on digital photos taken, but these were nothing more than dust and in some instances reflections of light...easily explainable. During a solo vigil in an upstairs room, Investigator Ed had his camera take a picture by itself...a nice personal experience for him, but nothing as far as solid evidence.


Opinion: It is our opinion that while there most certainly could be something there, we didn't catch anything, aside from a few EVPs that would cause us to label the place as haunted or even having something paranormal going on. However, with a rich history of over two hundred years (being the only inn still in existence from the days of the Cincinnati Turnpike), it wouldn't surprise us if there really was something there, but it didn't want to play the night we were there. We would love to make a return visit sometime in the future.