Last Friday Mary and I went our first official Ghosthunt with Dayton Ohio's Ghosthunters Society. D.O.G.S was looking for Intuitives to give more insight on what D.O.G.S could not see on their film or hear on their recorders.

Place: The Patterson Homestead, Dayton Ohio
Time: 8pm until midnight...the team went until 2am, but we left earlier having a long ride back to Cincinnati

I'm sure I could give you all kinds of history on the home, but I'll just hit the basics and if you're interested in knowing more you can access the info on the web. The home was built in the 1800's and owned by the Patterson family and is now used as a museum with tours Thursday, Friday, and Saturday from 10 - 4. The staff running the museum has had many experiences and "feelings" they cannot explain.
While the team of investigators did their tour of the entire house (3 floors and a cellar) Mary and I lost our shoes and took a different route not wanting to know the facts. We wanted to know that the information we would receive from Spirit would be authentic and not anything we had heard from the guide.  By taking our shoes off we are more grounded and in touch with our intuitive selves. Sounds silly but anytime I'm reading or sending Reiki I always feel the need to remove my shoes. I guess it keeps me closer to God and Mother Earth.

We started out just hanging out in a couple of rooms writing down any impressions we had. One of the very first rooms was the sitting room where the family would have hung out in front of the fire. Mary immediately felt 2 spirits very young in age...a boy and a girl. She said they were playing marbles and she could actually hear the marbles rolling across the floor. The only impression I had in this room was that Music could be heard but I wasn't sure where from but figured it out a little later.

Now she and I are doing this while the others are getting their info, the lights are on, and we can hear people talking. Next we went to what I would call the parlor...can't remember what they had it labeled as but this was the room where parties and weddings were held as well as the layouts for those that passed away. It was a special room but I had no real "negative" feelings in here even with the history of the wakes in the room. Mostly it felt joyous. Mary felt a proposal from a young man to his girlfriend...this was later confirmed by the Historian/Guide. There was a piano in the room ...right across the hall from where I could hear music before. While trying to "connect" with some part of the family I had a stabbing pain in my back ribs. It only lasted a moment and was gone. Being an Empath a lot of the information I receive is sent to me on a physical level. It's not unusual for me to feel ailments while reading for clients and having it confirmed. I knew this wasn't me and that I'd need write it down as it was the only info I received at that moment.

Once the team had finished their tour with the guide it was time to get down to business! We were split into teams, the lights went out and everyone got quiet. Each team was assigned a room/floor and while the recorders and cameras were going and being evaluated in the command center (the kitchen) we would sit in the rooms and wait. I can tell you this ...there was never one time that I felt scared and that's rare because sometimes I'm a big Scaredy chicken! LOL! I felt completely comfortable and less emotional than I normally am. I think that at that time when these people lived in the house there wasn't much time for nonsense. Life was much more serious business. During our hunt I felt lots of energy left by the Patterson family. I could feel how they lived and with one member I felt how he died. While in the Master bedroom I was really feeling the mother and what she must have went through having 14 children several of which passed away early on. I put my hands on the bed to see if I could connect w/Mr. Patterson when all the sudden just like the stabbing in my side I felt a wave of pain come over my took my breathe for a second and was gone. I shared this w/Mary and Rob knowing later I'd get the validation I needed.

The 3rd floor bedroom was where I immediately felt the spirit of a teenage boy. Mary felt it too and we both agreed he was 15-ish. He was very quick witted in that teenage bored kind of way. Not really happy we were there but maybe a little annoyed. Still he bantered back and forth w/one of the investigators as she asked questions. Mary and I would relay the info which always was a smart ass answer. I stayed in that room as long as I could. The house has no A/C and you cannot open the windows. Someone on another team had used a thermometer and it read 108 degrees. Good God! I was melting...not a pretty sight!!!

All through the evening we'd go into the rooms and give our impressions to the Investigators on our team. They seemed to have faith in us and that made it easier to share the sensations we received.

Before leaving we stopped into the office to talk to the Historian and she confirmed Mary's "toddlers". One boy, one girl each had been 2 when they passed away. Not sure of what but she said at that time many died of Cholera as there were 2 epidemics in Dayton at those same times. Our teenage boy was validated as well...there was a 16 year old boy and that room had been his, he died of cholera as well in that same room. Last and the best confirmation for me was that one of the Patterson men (I can't remember which one she said) had been on his way home and was attacked by Native Americans with a hatchet to his back right side above the kidneys. They would later become infected causing much pain to the kidneys and that's what caused his death. Hmmmmm, velly, velly intelllestinggggggggg!  Hahah!!!

All in all it was a GREAT experience and one that I will never forget. The best part was sharing it with Mary. Not only is she one of the most gifted psychics I know but she's a blast to hang out with on top of it.

Before leaving the Patterson home I silently thanked their spirits for letting us learn more about them and the way they lived.

Is it haunted? Maybe...I have a firm belief that Spirits can go anywhere they want freely and maybe some of them just showed up for a visit to the old Homestead. I didn't get the feeling anyone was "stuck" or I would have tried to help their transition to the light. The only one that might not want to go too far was the teenage boy... I've thought about him many times since Friday and I do hope that if he needs help he'll ask.

I guess from now on I can add "Ghosthunter" to my psychic resume'... 

Thanks for the experience D.O.G.S!!
Got a haunting...Who ya gonna call?!!!