Case Number: 20081003
Pennsylvania Caboose: Trotwood, OH

October 3, 2008

  1. Pre-Investigation
  2. Investigation
  3. Conclusions


Investigators present: Rob, Ilka, Patty, Don, & Amanda

Trotwood Historical Society Members and Friends: Ralph & Janet Kuester, Claude Keeling, Tony, Regina, Phillip and Nicole Kleinhenz

Claims of activity: According to Ralph and some of the other members of the THS, Chris Woodyard had been to this location sometime in the mid 1990's with two other women and left in somewhat of a panic. They told Ralph that there is a spirit attached to the caboose itself that is very angry. However, contrary to their opinion, Gene Whipp (now deceased) who was helping to sandblast the interior (and a sensitive in his own right) claimed to have spoken to this spirit and said that he wasn't angry but rather waiting for some celebration to occur after which he would depart. The activity manifests itself as a general creepy feeling inside the caboose. Things have gone missing and turned up later in another location. The interior has been treated with a rust neutralizer twice, but paint still chips and flakes off the west half of the inside walls.


Investigation: Most of the investigation is summed up in the casefile, so I won't belittle it here. Suffice it to say that the proximity to the road and traffic noise were factors against getting any good audio evidence.



What We Captured: Again, I won't rehash the evidence (lack thereof) here. It's already been done in the casefile.


Opinion: Given more time, fewer participants, and a much later hour, a small group of no more than four of us would certainly love to hunker down and really hit this one again. From the little evidence we came up with, I can't say whether there's paranormal activity going on or if EMF might be a factor in all that has gone on with this caboose since it's been in Trotwood. The stories are great, but after all, they're just stories.

Conclusion: With nothing captured on audio, nothing on video, and only a few EMF spikes and one temperature fluctuation, I can't call this one anything but unusual. It bears further investigation at a later date. Hopefully, our rapport with the Trotwood Historical Society will continue as we investigate the Iams Homestead in December 2008.