Case Number 20081108-NL
Private Residence: New Lebanon, OH

Saturday November 8th, 2008

Time of investigation: 7:00pm - 10:30pm (time constrained by small children living there)

  1. Pre-Investigation
  2. Investigation
  3. Conclusions


Investigators present: Rob, Ed, Patty, Don

Claims of activity: There were several locations in the home where the owner claimed activity had taken place over the twenty-some years they'd lived there. The front living room/dining area has seen a full bodied apparition of a woman walk from the kitchen area over to the bathroom. In the master bedroom the television has a tendency to turn on and off and switch channels. The homeowner has woken in the night to a glowing ball of electricity in the corner by the closet door. There are two bedrooms in the basement, both with claims of activity coming from their closets. Hangers make noise in the one bedroom while the door opens on its own in the other. The female spirit has also been seen and heard downstairs. She's been seen standing in the doorway of the bathroom (which is currently undergoing renovations). The homeowner has also been woken from a doze hearing the spirit warn her that one of the babies was going to fall down the stairs. Other claims of weird sounds and a general creepiness were also made of the basement.




What We Captured: The upstairs EMF was pretty flat except for the locations one would expect (electronics, outlets, baseboard heat). The house is heated with forced hot water baseboard radiators which gives off high EMF in places. Temperatures upstairs were typical of a home (between 66? and 72?F).
In the basement, the EMF was high, in some places like the breaker box, very high. Being a typical basement, there were areas that were cold (around windows) and areas that were more comfortable. The two bedrooms were much cooler than the rest of the basement (tile on concrete floor and painted concrete block walls mostly throughout). It would be the basement where the majority of our evidence would be captured.


Opinion: It is my opinion that the homeowner's claims might be true. The house is located very near a funeral home and a retirement home. Ownership of the property has been transferred on occasion through a death. There could very well be a female spirit hanging on to this location. However, the homeowners have nothing to be worried about as the claims of activity are not anything malevolent, but the opposite...the spirit seems to be helpful.

Conclusion: With only two EVPs captured in the little time we were there, I'd say this location warrants some further investigating when we can stay longer. The homeowner has advised that we are more than welcome to come back--just let her know, so she can have the kids stay somewhere else for the night.

Update: The homeowner told us that the day after we were there for our investigation, the pilot light went out on the heater four different times. This could just be coincidence or it could be the spirit issuing its displeasure at us having been there "bothering it."