Case Number: 20081114
Patterson Homestead Revisit (with Paravizionz)

November 14, 2008
9:00pm - 2:00am

  1. Pre-Investigation
  2. Investigation
  3. Conclusions


Investigators present: Ed, Patty, Don, Amanda, Rob, Mike F.
Additionally, there were eight members of Paravizionz along with their two Land of Illusions raffle winners.
Rob monitored the video at Command Central the entire night, since Case Manager Ilka was unable to attend.

Claims of activity: I won't go into this here, as it's already been covered in our previous Patterson investigation from August.


Investigation: DOGS had called dibs on the basement for the first hour's worth of investigating as we were curious to find out just what lay beyond the sealed up root cellar that had so puzzled us last time. The only thing we could figure thus far is that it holds some of the members of the Patterson family in a crypt of some sort. This was a common practice in the South, according to Don who grew up in the south. So that's what we'll go with until we find out any differently. And the creepy feeling people get when they're in the basement around the walls to the old root cellar may be because they can sense the bodies lying there. [Pure conjecture on our part.]
The teams soon began intermingling after the first hour or so of investigating, which was beneficial for both groups. By the end of the night, when the penny was thrown in the "Christmas Room" in the basement, both teams had meshed into a cohesive unit ready to take on whatever the house had to throw their way (literally it seemed).
Several EVPs were captured, two of which were in direct correlation to the penny being thrown. Not much was captured on video although we did have a laser level set up aimed at the doorway to the Christmas Room. We have one example of something breaking the plane of that laser beam when no investigators were even down there.
One thing I did notice was Paravizionz and DOGS investigative styles are entirely different. First off, Paravizionz was provoking right out of the gate hoping to elicit responses. DOGS uses a different, more respectful approach. Who's to say which works better? Also, they are much more into the technical side--taking readings and EMF and RF and all that. We tend to sit and listen and hope to converse and get a feel for the place. Not to say that DOGS isn't techy, because I'm the biggest computer/gadget geek in town. Paravizionz was even impressed with our small form factor PC that records all our CCTV footage. I think it's a piece of junk in dire need of an upgrade, but it does get the job done nicely.

What We Captured: Our two CCTV IR cameras were downstairs for the entire investigation. as that was where most of the visual experiences happened last time. Ed and Mike carried the Sony MiniDV camera around, but didn't get anything from it. Each group had at least one digital recorder with them. The penny throwing was captured on audio, but not video.


Opinion: I've talked about the Patterson Homestead at great length and how much I really appreciate not only what's being done there for historical preservation but for the contributions of the Patterson family to the city of Dayton. Without them, this city wouldn't be what it is today. As far as my opinion on the investigation, I can't really say one way or the other. The penny throwing sticks out in my mind because it seemed too contrived, almost convenient that it happened when it did. If it was hoaxed, which Patty swears that no one threw it because the direction it came from was away from where anyone was, I can't see a reason why other than to cap off an otherwise uneventful investigation. I guess I'm still too skeptical and need to open my mind a bit more.

Conclusion: While this is always a great place to investigate, and Lisa is very nice and stays out of the way in her office during the investigations, I've already concluded that this place has some ghosts visiting from time to time. However, this time around, I think that the spirits weren't as receptive to all of us being there as they had been before.