Iams Audio Evidence



When we first set up, Rob had barely placed the digital recorder in the school room and turned it on when not thirty seconds later, this loud noise was heard coming from the room. Ed hears it and remarks on it. My best guess is that it is a floorboard snapping back into place after we had walked in there.

Upstairs, Ed trips over a plastic shelving unit that is sitting on the floor while he's trying to get a better look at the weird water stain on the ceiling. <--WARNING the sound is LOUD.

This weird voice was captured in the school room. The heavy background noise is the furnace. This was the only disembodied voice captured. It seems to be saying, "<something>...I don't think so." This could possibly be Mike or Quinton, but it seems like there was no one in the room for a good length of time before this noise.