Case Number: 20090206-P
Private Residence: Piqua, Ohio

February 6th, 2009
(consulting for Ohio Ghost Hunters)

7:30pm - 12:00am

  1. Pre-Investigation
  2. Investigation
  3. Conclusions


Investigators present: Rob, Ed, Don, Ilka, Amanda

Claims of activity: The initial claims of activity from what Pete of Ohio Ghost Hunters (now defunct) sent us, were footsteps on the stairs, their 5 month old baby wakes with screaming night terrors, his fiancee had been smacked in the leg the night before, the dog stares at one corner of the laundry room, and they've heard hissing noises and doors shut.
Amanda arrived on site first, and she spoke to the homeowner at length to get more of the story. When the rest of the team arrived, she told us that relatives of his fiancee's had been messing around with a Ouija board one night with the claims of activity starting shortly afterwards. The fact that they were fooling with the Spirit Board was disconcerting, but we continued on into the house to hear the rest of the story. Both of them had been woken by a loud knocking sound. Rustling noises are heard in the kid's rooms and in the kitchen. As he took us around on the grand tour of the home, most of the team set about looking for alternative explanations for the claims of activity. The leg welt was most likely from a laundry basket, because she had been doing laundry and came out into the living room and was startled by the bathroom door unlatching, causing her to almost drop the laundry basket. Don and Amanda found that walking with a heavy footstep on a specific floorboard caused the door to click and move inside the jamb. If it wasn't completely pulled shut and latched, it would eventually work itself open.


Investigation: Ed & Rob started off upstairs in the kid's playroom with adjoining bedrooms. EMF was crazy up here as well as throughout the rest of the house. After a cursory sweep of the upstairs, Ed and Rob sat down to do an EVP session with Ed asking most of the questions. Initially, they thought they had received a response to one of the questions, but after investigating, it was found that the noise was from the curtain rod in the girl's room.
During a break, the team gathered outside in an attempt to figure out why the owner's dog would stare intently (for hours) at one corner of the laundry room. We found out that on that side of the house, directly in line with where the dog would focus his attention was the electric meter for the whole house as well as the cable TV box. The dog can obviously hear the buzzing of electricity running through the wires (converting 440 down to 220 where it goes into the house).
After the break, we switched locations with Amanda and Don investigating upstairs and Rob & Ed holding vigil downstairs. Again questions were asked, but nothing showed up on the audio or video. Don noted after the investigation how noises from outside were easily heard throughout the house. Even sounds from inside the home carried.


What We Captured: Many, if not all of the claims made by the client were successfully explained away (or "debunked"). We captured on video, investigator Ed debunking the doors moving on their own. [There aren't that many doors in the home, but all the ones we looked at were either really loose hinged or came unlatched with heavy walking.] As mentioned above, Amanda and Don helped to explain the downstairs bathroom door opening as well as the mysterious scratch on the client's leg. The sound of the door unlatching and coming open had startled her causing her to almost drop the laundry she was carrying. The basket clearly could have made the scrape mark on her leg, which by the time we arrived there the day after, it had already faded away. Also, the hissing noises could be attributed to the neighbors having a dryer vent that clearly channels sound in the direction of the home. [The houses are less than ten feet apart from each other.]


Opinion: In our opinion, the clients have nothing to fear living in this house. Having relocated from a mobile home to this two story older home is scary enough. Coupled with the fact that his fiancee is home alone most nights with their 5 month old son, her being a fan of all the ghost hunter shows on TV, it's no wonder she left the house saying, "I'm not coming back until you get someone to investigate this place." I hope we got the message across that EMF can cause all sorts of weird feelings (in general "the creeps") and keep that in mind the next time she gets frightened being by herself. We also strongly urge no more messing around with Ouija boards. We also recommend having an electrician take a look at the wiring to see what can be done about the EMF that seems to be prevalent throughout.

Conclusion: We recommended at the end of our investigation for them to have their priest come out and perform a house blessing. Since they've only been there a short time, this should help to calm any fears they have. However, from what we gathered in the time that we were there, we cannot say that there is anything paranormal going on at this location.

While we were taking our equipment out to the cars, the homeowner was on the phone with his fiancee telling her all that we had come up with to explain what was going on. It was good to know that while we were pulling away from the house, he was also leaving to go get his fiancee and son to bring them back to their home so they could live there without being afraid.