Case Number: 20090424-HH
Private Residence: Huber Heights, OH

April 24th, 2009

6:00pm - 12:00am

  1. Pre-Investigation
  2. Investigation
  3. Conclusions


Investigators present: Rob, Ed, Ilka and Patty

Claims of activity: The claims of activity began with the homeowner contacting us via email and saying that her daughter, son, and two of their friends had been in the basement. The daughter heard her name being called and ran upstairs, thinking it was one of her parents. Upon discovering that no one was home but them, she and the rest of the kids ran and hid in the bathroom and called their parents who had just gone down the street for a minute. Other claims include the daughter seeing a boy in the shower, general creepiness in the basement, footsteps, and other strange noises. Additionally, there seemed to be a lot of negativity surrounding the house due to the fact that through the years, several families living there ended in divorce and foreclosure. A fire in 2006 also served as a point of interest as well as the suicide of a guy that had worked on the house.


Investigation: It was a realitvely warm evening with a nearly dark moon in the sky overhead. Arriving almost too early (at 6PM), we met with the homeowner, and he briefed us on activity. It didn't take us long to set up, and afterwards, we walked around outside and chatted more with both homeowners and a neighbor. We did a sweep for baselines on temperature, EMF, as well as photos. The upstairs temperature was around 77 - 78°F while the basement was much cooler at 64°F. The place was very flat with EMF, with only the typical spikes around appliances, TVs, and clock radios. At 8:00PM, there was a brief power failure, and the computers had to be restarted. This coincided with the original time we were going to start the actual investigation, but the sun hadn't gone down enough. As darkness neared, we went back inside, and with Ilka manning Command Central, Patty, Rob and Ed headed into the basement to begin investigating. An EVP session was conducted in the basement yielding no responses. Audio recorded for three hours in the playroom and didn't pick up anything (except weird house noises that could be misheard as footsteps).
The investigation upstairs didn't pan out anything either. An EVP session was done in the son's room, and Patty conducted an EVP session in the bathroom while Rob, Ed and Ilka went back downstairs.

What We Captured: There were some noises heard on the audio from in the basement, but these things were all explained away as typical house noises (sump pump, pipes, AC, etc). Ed also captured a cat chasing a squirrel on the camcorder which also made for some very unique noises and a few tense moments alone in the playroom for him until he figured out what was making the noises.


Opinion: The family admitted to being movie junkies (a lot of scary movies) as well as having watched some of the ghost hunter shows. The wife was our initial contact, and the husband was pestering her about stuff and joking with her about "Timmy" throughout the night. Ilka made lighthearted comments and joked with him about him not picking on her so much and then came out and said that she thought his messing with her was causing her some anxiety.

Conclusion: While there was a suicide associated with the property, there isn't enough evidence to say that he or anyone else is hanging around the property trying to make contact. Also, the suicide did NOT occur on the property (though the circumstances surrounding it are very curious to say the least). We think that if the dad and daughter would ease up on the mom, things would smooth out on their own. And if they'd take care of the squirrels, a lot of the weird noises would probably stop too.

Right now, we have no reason to believe that anything paranormal is going on at this location.