Case Number: 20090513-K
Private Residence: Kettering, OH

May 13th, 2009

7:00pm - 11:00pm

  1. Pre-Investigation
  2. Investigation
  3. Conclusions


Investigators present: Rob, Ilka, Amanda, and Patty

Claims of activity: The claims made by the homeowner were varied. Cold spots in the living room, things not being where they were left, a growling sound in the dining room, the smell of men's cologne in the bathroom, bathroom radio gets weird interference, plastic hot/cold knob covers being switched, and the hamster cage had fallen to the floor on two separate occasions. Also, the mother and her ten year old daughter who live there were having trouble sleeping, and the daughter was having some stomach problems. The two dogs do not like to go down the hallway...lowering their heads and cowering.


Investigation: We arrived a little bit before 7:00 to find the homeowner away, but she soon returned from dropping her 10 year old daughter off at her sister's house, and we carried our equipment into the approximately 800 square foot slab home. It was small, and again, I was glad there was only the four of us. After going over things in a bit more detail, setting up the equipment, and snapping some pictures, we decided to leave the audio and video recording for a little bit and just leave the house sit.
When we returned an hour later, we got down to the actual investigation. Patty, Rob, and Amanda went into the daugher's room first and attempted to make contact with any spirit that might be there. Rob filmed with the Sony Handicam while Patty and Amanda asked the usual questions, hoping to get some kind of response. We received none. Moving on to the homeowner's room, we again asked for confirmation from the spirit that it was there and that we weren't there to get anybody into trouble. We just wanted to know what was going on. Again no response. Our only bit of evidence was audio that was recorded while we were all out of the house. It sounded like something falling onto a hard plastic shelf, and the sound only occurred once the whole time we were recording.


What We Captured: As mentioned above, a weird plastic popping sound from the bathroom was all that we caught that was out of the ordinary. However, an EMF scan of the house showed abnormal levels throughout the home. Near a fishtank in the living room, we got a 40+ gauss. In the dining room, along one wall where a growling noise was heard, the EMF was up around 13 gauss. Even the bedrooms had slightly uncomfortable levels hovering around 2+ gauss and spiking higher in some spots (all relative to alarm clocks, appliances or ceiling fans). In the bathroom, where a feeling of being watched pervades, the EMF was up around 6 - 10 in the bathtub, and the clock radio gave off 30+ gauss.
Additionally, the hamster is very active once the lights go out...obviously a nocturnal creature. There were a couple times where we thought we had heard something, only to realize it was the hamster running furiously in its exercise wheel.


Opinion: Our feeling is that the areas that seem to have the most activity coincide with areas of high electromagnetic fields. The homeowner admitted to being sensitive to others energies (empathic) which it would make sense that she would also be sensitive to EMFs. There's a lot of other stuff that's happened over the years that has nothing to do with the paranormal, but isn't actually the best atmosphere for a happy home.

Conclusion: Ilka (being the group's unofficial expert on family and just general good mental well-being) talked to the homeowner that night about a lot of things. We hope that she puts that advice into practice and works on strengthening the bond between her and her daughter. From what we can conclude in the time we were there, nothing paranormal is happening.