Case Number: 20091107-L
Private Residence: Laura, OH

November 7th, 2009

8:50pm - 1:00am

  1. Pre-Investigation
  2. Investigation
  3. Conclusions


Investigators present: Rob, Ed, Ilka, Amanda, Patty, Mike, and Janice

Claims of activity: In her initial email to us, the resident claimed both she and her 12 year-old daughter were seeing black/white shadows around their small bathroom doorway as well as standing in the kitchen. The resident also claimed that she felt as if someone had walked behind her and her cat freaked out at the same moment. She has been touched, most recently, the morning of our investigation. There has also been evidence of items being removed from dresser drawers and things falling off the kitchen counter. Other claims include knocks, movement, "sigh" sound, light bulbs have blown recently. According to the resident, the location has been struck by lightning on three different occasions. She also has difficulty sleeping. Also mentioned were three recent passings of relatives or loved ones within the past two years.
She has also had a psychic friend of hers, who is with another paranormal group, visit the home. He claims to be able to sense the presence of two entities. One a little black girl of 5 or 6 years of age and the other an Indian brave. The girl seems to be fearful of the Indian, according to the psychic friend. She tends to hide in the daughter's bedroom.


Investigation: We arrived onsite at a little before 9:00. Setup went rather quickly, and baseline readings were taken. After being briefed on the location and a somewhat shaky start (one of our DVR cameras was flaking out on us) and with the house to ourselves, the team consisting of Patty, Janice, and Amanda went to work investigating the family room where the majority of the activity is centered. They spent the better part of an hour trying to draw out the spirit. Ilka was manning Command Central watching the screens and communicating any anomalies she saw, and Ed, Rob, and Mike were outside taking some photos of the exterior and looking at what we later discovered was the very beginning of the Leonid Meteor Shower.
After their hour was up, Amanda and Janice went home (obviously discouraged they didn't catch anything). At 10:40pm, the guys took their turn. An EVP session was conducted, photos were taken, and all seemed quiet. After nearly an hour, Mike broke off with the team and did a solo EVP session in the resident's bedroom. Again, nothing turned up.
The homeowner returned just before midnight, and a brief, impromptu EVP session was held in the family room with both of them chiming in trying to get something to talk to us. The only strange thing found happened when the mom was talking about the spirit. A weird buzzing sound is in behind her voice. This sound was not encountered at any time during the time we were on site.

What We Captured: There are several hotspots for EMF in the house. The highest area of concentrated EMF is in the kitchen with a baseline of 2.0mg. The refridgerator gives off a lot of it as does the closet across the hall from the kitchen (which is where the breaker box is located). There are also several outlets that seem to have above average fields (especially the one that our flaky camera was plugged into: 196mg!).


Opinion: The opinions are divided among the group. One group thinks that the daughter is exhibiting poltergeist which is drawing in these spirits. Another feels that the mom is the source of the energy drawing out these entities, which seem to follow her. Since nothing was captured on audio or video, we have no direct evidence to conclude whether there's anything going on here. However, some of our more sensitive group members feel that whatever is there is attached to the mom (who is somewhat sensitive herself). They say this because they felt a presence during our pre-interview and after the mother and daughter had returned home.

Conclusion: Based solely on the lack of evidence (no responses on our audio or video), we can't say for certain there is anything going on here. This case needs to be monitored over time to determine what the clients are experiencing. There could be some EMF hyper-sensitivity going on, as there are areas that have unsafe (and VERY unsafe) levels.