Case Number: 20100619-V
Private Residence: Vandalia, OH

June 19th, 2010

8:30pm - 1:00am

  1. Pre-Investigation
  2. Investigation
  3. Conclusions



Investigators present: Rob, Ilka, Patty, Mike R., and Don

Weather: Calm, hot and humid.


Claims of activity: We received an email request for help from the client on May 8th. She said she'd had another paranormal group out to investigate in December of 2009, and they still hadn't gotten back to her. She claimed to see shadows in the hallway, a phantom cat, and she had several EVPs she'd captured on her own personal digital audio recorder. During Janice and Patty's pre-investigation interview the next week, they recommended she keep a log of activity. After a couple of scheduling conflicts, we finally decided on a night we could investigate, and when we arrived onsite, she showed us the journal she'd been keeping. She told us about other things that had been going on including seeing blue sparkles and other weird flashes of light. This would come up during the investigation, which she requested to participate in.


Investigation: Setup went quickly, and since it was a small apartment, this posed a bit of a challenge. Most of the activity was centered around the hallway. Most notably around a shadowbox that had several old artifacts. One impressive piece was an authentic, ancient Egyptian scarab/statue/amulet dated to around 500 BC. She also had Confederate money and a small box filled with other trinkets from the Civil War.

During the first team's investigation (Rob, Mike, Patty, and the client) in the den/office room, it was quiet for a while, until maybe 20 - 30 minutes in. They started getting K2 hits in direct response to questions. This was backed up by an EMF meter too. Both would spike and drop at the same time in response to questioning.

During the second round of investigation, Don, Ilka, Patty and the client were once again in the den while Rob and Mike held vigil in the bedroom. There were several EMF fluctuations in direct response to questions in the bedroom. At one point, in the den, Ilka had a coughing fit and had to excuse herself for the rest of the night.

What We Captured: There are several areas of higher than normal EMF in the apartment. Aside from the obvious locations (appliances, TVs) there is a line of about a 3.0+ mg from about belt high to over head high running down the main hallway. There is also high EMF in the bedroom next to the alarm clock which sits right by the bed at head level.
As shown in both the audio and video sections we got several responses from the K2 meter when asked to light it up. There were also a couple interesting EVPs picked up. Some we're not sure about both others are pretty clear.


Opinion: During the night, the client investigated with both teams in the den/office room. She claimed to see blue sparkles and red and green colored lights at many different times during the night. She assured that she had seen an eye doctor and had her eyes checked for detatched retinas, and she's fine. She also admitted several other accounts of brushes with spirits between herself and her sister. It is our opinion that she could be sensing spirit energy of some kind or another. With the high EMF in this particular location, there's ample energy for the spirits to draw upon.
She may be drawing these energies to her without realizing. With her history of strange occurences, she may want to think about looking in to seeing if she does have some mild extra sensory ability. With some work, she might be able to hone them into something specific.

Conclusion: After over half a year without investigating, it was fun to finally get back into the game and investigate something. While we caught some interesting stuff and got some K2 hits, we can't come right out and say that this place is haunted. There's certainly something strange going on, but right now our findings are inconclusive.

Update (11/19/10): Just received an email from the client stating that after we left, her vision problems got worse (seeing more sparkles and a black spot). It turns out her opthamologist diagnosed her with intraoccular migraines. This case goes to prove that we can't always trust what we're seeing. There may be a physiologic reason for what you're seeing and nothing paranormal.

Update (4/13/11): Client emailed saying that she had moved into another apartment and has more similar activity going on. She's had another ghost hunter group out there who have come up with their own explanation as to what is happening, saying that there is an Egyptian warrior spirit attached to the amulet. We've been invited back out to investigate. It should be noted that this client follows a lot of the ghost hunter shows and has attended several public ghost hunts (Bissman building, etc). She doesn't mind her ghosts and is willing to share them with whoever wants.