Case #: 20101106

Fire Station (in Montgomery County, OH)
Per the request of the department, we cannot disclose the exact location or station number

November 6th, 2010

8:30pm - 12:30am

  1. Pre-Investigation
  2. Investigation
  3. Conclusions


Investigators present: Rob, Ed, Patty, Ilka, Mike F.
Ed, Ilka and Mike stayed for the first shift of investigating and then left around 11:00pm.
Weather: Very cold weather for early November. Daytime temps were in the 40s. By the time we arrived, two hours after sunset, the temps were already down around freezing. It was below freezing by the time we left.

Claims of activity: The station was built in two parts. The old part was built in the 1950s while the newer part where the fire engines and ambulance are kept was constructed in the 1970s. The client claims to have heard voices in many different parts of the station. At certain times, they get the feeling they're being watched and sometimes feel like they're not wanted there. Equipment has been moved from one location to another. They have heard what sounds like the C rings on the backs of the fire engines moving while they're sitting in the rec room. The bay doors to both parts of the building (new and old) have gone up on their own, and only once did they go back down--at someone's request. Apparitions have been felt and voices heard while walking up the stairs to the bunk house. They have seen shadows of someone walking in the new part of the building at night while they're watching TV. One night, all seven of their pass systems powered on (two beeps) and all but one powered off. These are not remotely triggered, were fully charged, and require two buttons on both sides of the devices be pressed in simultaneously. They have also seen a full body apparition of someone dressed in the same kind of uniforms they wear (blue pants, light blue shirt).
There are two deaths associated with high ranking officers in their department in the past four years.


Investigation: We all arrived onsite within ten minutes of 8:15pm. The client let us in to the building, and we started setting up immediately. We were ready to go by 8:30. Ed and Mike started their investigation in the older part of the building (rec room) while Patty and Rob did an EVP session with the PX Ovulis in the newer part (equipment bay). Ilka was monitoring command central for a while (in the bunk house) until the client came up to sleep (he'd worked a full shift earlier that day). Out of respect for him, she came downstairs to investigate with Ed and Mike.
After a brief break, both teams switched locations. The client came back downstairs after his brief nap and joined Rob and Patty in the rec room. At one point, he felt someone grab his left elbow, and Patty handed him the EMF detector which fluctuated slightly.
At 11:00, Ed, Mike and Ilka decided to call it a night, leaving Patty, Rob, and the client to investigate a bit further. We stayed in the rec room for the better part of an hour, just talking, hoping to get some interaction, but nothing else happened. We were wrapped up and gone by 12:30am.


What We Captured: Not much was captured. There were a couple instances of loud bangs heard. A footstep was heard in the ambulance bay. An EVP of a voice was captured that sounds female. The client felt as if someone touched him. None of these things were captured on audio or video.


Opinion: With two recent deaths associated directly with this station, it went without saying that this location was a good candidate for being haunted. Unfortunately for us, that evening, the spirits were either unwilling or unable to communicate with us.

Conclusion: Most firehouses have a history of being haunted by something or another. We cannot conclude, given the evidence at this time, that anything paranormal is going on at this particular fire station.