Case #: 20101127-K
Private Residence: Kettering, OH

November 27th, 2010

9:30pm - 3:00am

  1. Pre-Investigation
  2. Investigation
  3. Conclusions


Pre-Investigation: Patty, Janice and Rob did the pre-investigation interview, and talked with the family living there (the mom, dad, and two year old son and the dad's sister). There was one major area of concern that Rob noticed during the initial walkthrough EMF sweep. They claimed that the little boy was waking up screaming with night terrors. His crib is within about six feet of a fish tank that has a transformer that emits an EMF of over 120 milligauss. That night it was recommended that the fish tank be moved from the corner closest to the crib to one directly opposite.

Investigators present: Ed, Rob, Patty, Mike F. & Mike R.
Weather: It was clear and cold all evening with temperatures holding fairly steady in the mid 20s throughout. Winds were light at around 5mph. Relative humidity was on the increase during our investigation--starting out around 75% and winding up around 88%. The moon was 61% full.

No photos that were taken during the pre-investigation or the full, onsite investigation were posted, per client request.

Claims of activity: In their initial email, the client claimed to having been woken up seeing a middle aged man with a mustache staring at her. Her husband's lighter that was supposed to be in one spot, moved to the middle of their bed on another occasion. The husband's sister is living upstairs, and she says she hears noises like someone is walking around in the living room downstairs or walking up the stairs. Both women have seen shadows down the hallway out of the corner of their eye. Recently, the television has changed channels to a program she doesn't watch.
The husband's sister has had activity in her previous reseidence, and the activity in this house seems to correlate to her moving in (August 2010). Initially we were thinking possible poltergeist activity, although we believe we have an alternate explanation.
They also say that when the mother of the husband and sister stays over (she is the actual owner of the home), no paranormal activity occurs.
We requested they keep a journal for the week and a half between the pre and full investigations.

Client Paranormal Journal (highlights):

  • While the sister was away for a few days, nothing paranormal was noted.
  • Between 1:00 and 4:00am, the dad awoke no less than 6 times feeling like someone was watching him.
  • Noises were noted by the sister coming from the downstairs living room when she was there (between 12:30 and 4:00am).
  • On her way back to the house, the sister claims to have seen a man in her back seat.
  • Over the Thanksgiving holiday, the mother of the dad and sister stayed over (nothing happened).
  • In fact, it was noted that the past three nights leading up to our investigation had been fairly quiet.


Investigation: Rob and Ed arrived onsite first and got the majority of the gear inside. Patty and Mike R. showed up shortly after and helped carry the remaining equipment inside. Setup went quickly, and we had one camera in the living room shooting down the hall where they see shadows and another upstairs shooting towards the stairwell. Mike F. showed up while we were getting the cameras set up.
While Rob monitored tech, Ed and Mike F. went upstairs (Group B) while Patty, Mike R. and the three clients held vigil downstairs. For almost two hours, they sat quietly asking questions, requesting whomever was there to speak or give a sign to let them know they were there.
After a brief break around midnight, the groups switched, and we experimented with a simulated bedtime. The sister, Patty and Mike R. went upstairs, and the husband and wife went into their bedroom. A camcorder was placed in their room to record any sounds or visual apparitions that might manifest in their room. Ed, Mike F, and Rob sat quietly in the living room.
After about an hour and a half, the bedtime vigil ended. Unfortunately, the husband and wife fell asleep, and the sister had to retrieve the camcorder. After another brief break and moving the one camera upstairs to shoot down the stairs, a final hour long vigil was held in the living room.

What We Captured: What little we did capture occured very early on. We got one instance of footsteps, a knock, and what sounds like a whispery voice. All audio can be found on the audio page.


Opinion: As far as the sister is concerned, our feelings are split as to what may be happening. Some believe since she at a transitional point, living with her brother and his wife (and the stress that goes along with that--having lived on her own before), her spirit guides are being noisy trying to get in touch with her. [See Ron Markopf's website (Facebook and MySpace) for more insight.] Those that are still a bit more skeptic, still feel that she is exhibiting a mild form poltergeist or is just sensitive to spirit energies. Once she gets back on her own and being independent, everything else should quiet down. In reality, neither of these is incorrect because they both focus on a common goal. How she gets to it, is entirely up to her.
As to the wife seeing the apparition that sort of looked like her uncle, she still has unresolved issues with her uncle's death. There's a lot going on in the house right now with her sister in law living with them, and her two year old son waking up screaming in the night. Stress levels are pretty high. Our concern was with the high EMF and the fish tank, but they said his night terrors started before the fish tank. He may just being going through a phase and picking up on the nervous tension in the home. With time, things should return to normal if everyone works on keeping themselves happy and balanced and keeping the home a happy place to be.
Whichever way you slice it, it all boils down to what each person is putting out into the environment of the home. We all have our own inner struggles that we deal with on a daily basis. If you're stressed and holding all of that negative energy in, it's going to manifest in the environment in other ways. Some people, like the sister, may have some latent psychokinetic/psychoacoustic abilities which are only brought to bear when things get tough. The stress energy comes out as something spiritual (the sister is a very religious person).

Recommendation: What we recommend is that the family sits down and talks things over. Both as a way to put whatever energy is there on notice that, "we're living here--this is our house" as well as getting their feelings out there. Take back the environment. It's your're living there now.

Conclusion: Can we say the sister is exhibiting poltergeist phenomena? What little evidence we captured was too vague to conclude, but we think probably not. Is there something paranormal going on in the house? Again, we really can't say definitvely based on the evidence. It certainly isn't normal for people to see apparitions and hear footsteps, but we didn't capture much of anything the night we were there. Perhaps what was there wasn't willing to communicate.
We're going to have to classify this as inconclusive until we can get back in there when more consistent activity occurs or until the situation abates.

Update (12/2/10): The sister emailed Patty via Facebook and said that since we were there, things have been pretty quiet and she's been sleeping better.