Case #: 20110312

Dayton Engineers Club
110 E. Monument Ave.
Dayton, OH

March 12, 2011

7:00pm - 2:00am

  1. Pre-Investigation
  2. Investigation
  3. Conclusions


Pre-Investigation: Mike Ruef went the week prior, and Becky showed him some of the areas with the most activity.

History: The Dayton Engineers Club was founded by Charles Kettering and Edward Deeds, and the building which sits at 110 E. Monument St. was constructed from 1916 - 1918 after the Great Flood of 1913. This land was originally part of the Daniel Cooper homestead (eastern part: Lots 5 - 8) with the western part being part of a men's dormitory owned by General Brown. East of the Cooper homestead was the Van Cleve cabin where, in the "out lot" fields, Mr. Van Cleve was scalped by Indians back in the 1800s.
The building contains a lot of limestone (being built of brick and stone), which is a known conduit for paranormal activity. Other noteworthy events: in 1985, the entire building was flooded by a broken water pipe on the the third floor. In October of 2007, it was placed on the National Register of Historic Places.

Investigators present: Ed, Rob, Janice, Mike F. & Mike R and Ilka. Assisted and joined by Rebecca Smith and Evan Moody (employees). Rebecca investigated with us.

Weather: The week prior had started off rainy and growing progressively colder. The previous day, around an inch of snow fell, but was quickly melted away. Rivers previously swollen and near flood stage early on in the week had crested and were getting back to normal levels. The high for the day was in the low 60s: a beautiful, mostly sunny day.
Sunset was at 6:41pm. Daylight savings time began at 2am. Moon was in first quarter stage (a little more than half full).

Claims of activity: With this building being nearly 100 years old and still holding the same organization throughout those years, it is no wonder that this place has claims of activity. It is a beautiful, big old solidly constructed stone and brick (mostly brick) building. Claims include seeing the apparition of a man in a red flannel shirt in the tunnel area (likely that of an old maintenance man), objects moving on their own (blinds in the auditorium going up by themselves), lots of weird noises and feelings of being watched or not being alone. In the dining room, the wake for Orville Wright was held, and his body had been laid out on a table along the wall opposite where he used to sit.


Investigation: We arrived on site a little after 6:30 in order to take some pictures of the outside of the building before anyone else got there. Becky arrived at the agreed upon time of 6:45 to unlock the place and let us in. We took a tour of the building and decided on putting Central Command on the second floor landing next to the Wright Engine #3 display. Setup took approximately 45 minutes and went well (better than at the Sorg the week prior) with Rob only forgetting a power cord for the computer monitor which we had to borrow a cord from the Club.
Mike Ruef kept his digital audio recorder running the entire night in the auditorium. We set up a camera in the auditorium facing the stage and one blind, which we opened halfway, hoping to get some movement. The other camera was placed in the library looking down the hall that runs the entire length of the building.
We split into two teams. Team A consisted of Rob, Mike F. and Ed and Team B was Janice, Mike R. and Becky. Ilka manned Central Command (until the grandfather clock and radiator noises drove her out).

  #1: 8:30 - 10:00pm #2: 10:40 - 11:40pm #3: 12:00 - 12:40am # 4: 12:45 - 1:30am
Team A 15 minutes in tunnels
1:15 in kitchen/dining room
Auditorium 3rd Floor Safari Bar
Team B Auditorium, library & 3rd Floor tunnel/dining room kitchen/dining room Wedgewood room

The table above breaks down where each of the teams were during the times we were on site. A breakdown of activity follows:

During Team A's #1 shift, they spent about 15 minutes in the tunnel and maintenance area before moving on to the dry storage, kitchen, and dining room. They did an EVP session in the dining room and used the Ghost Radar Classic app on two HTC EVO phones. (see audio page #1 - 5)
During Team B's #1 shift, they were in the auditorium and got some weird sounds, but it was pretty uneventful. It was early on that they discovered the grandfather clock made a weird metallic sound every minute, which would get on Ilka's nerves after a while.
The most activity for Team A occurred during their second shift in the auditorium. Not only did they hear several weird noises, they also got some noises on command. (see audio page # 6 - 9)
Team B also had an event filled shift in the basement/tunnels. A bucket moved on its own, startling them. They were seeing strange light play and weird EMF fluctuations. In the dining room they heard a chair make a noise.
Team A's venture to the third floor yielded no actual evidence because before they'd turned the audio recorder on after leaving a noisy room, they heard a female voice (something like a "HEY!"). Lesson here is always run audio whether the environment warrants it or not.
Team B experienced strange noises and shadows in the dining room and kitchen during their third shift.
The fourth and final shift of the night found Team A holding an EVP session in the Safari Bar. They had some strange noises that were captured on audio (see audio page #10). There's probably a logical explanation for these, but investigation warranted nothing. Team B's final shift in the Wedgewood room was uneventful.
It is also worthy of note that Ilka had some personal experiences sitting at Central Command. At 12:46, after Rob, Mike and Ed had left the upstairs and went downstairs to the Safari Bar, she heard walking upstairs. Then at 1:00, she felt something touch her left ear (and she wasn't messing with her hair and had a baseball hat on). Finally at 1:10, she heard what sounded like someone trying to stop a sneeze and at the same time it sounded like someone dropped a tin cup.

What We Captured: We got nothing on video, as is typical with our investigations (two cameras don't cover much area). Each group had personal experiences and heard noises similar to those claimed by the client. We didn't see any apparitions, but got a couple voices on our audio recorders. Nothing appeared in any of our photographs (also typical).


Opinion: While evidence wise this was a fairly standard investigation, for our group, it was anything but standard. This was the first (of hopefully many) historic downtown Dayton buildings we had the privilege to investigate. Since we were, from what we understand, the first group to investigate this particular location, we feel honored to have been asked and permitted access to the building. On a personal level, our group had a rough start to 2011, and this seems to have been the investigation that brought the spark back in to things and started turning things around.
There is a lot of history that took place in this building, and is still taking place today. We would love to be invited back at another time to further investigate.

Conclusion: Taken just on the evidence we obtained during the time were there, we cannot come out and completely say this building is haunted and who it's haunted by. We can say there is certainly some paranormal activity going on. Since most of the activity seems to take place during the winter months, we hope to be allowed to return in the fall and winter of 2011 to continue trying to figure out what might be haunting the Dayton Engineers Club.

Update: The Engineers Club was so impressed with the professionalism shown during our investigation that they offered Rob a job as a prep/cook in the kitchen, which he took.