Case #: 20120107

Dayton Engineers Club
110 East Monument Ave.
Dayton, OH

4:00pm - 1:00am

  1. Pre-Investigation
  2. Investigation
  3. Conclusions


Pre-Investigation: Since this was our second shot at investigating here, and since Rob is currently an employee, all it took was requesting an evening be set aside for our group to be there when no other banquets or events were happening. It took until the first weekend in the new year for the place to be empty on a weekend. Yeah, it gets real busy over the holidays.

Investigators present: Rob, Zachary, Ed, Patty, Mike F., Mike R., Sharon, Noelle, Sam, Donna

Special Guests: Sandy, Russ, Matthew, Sarah, Stephen, and Chef Laura (from the Engineers Club)

Claims of activity: A man in a red flannel shirt has been seen in the dining room as well as in different locations in the basement. Noises of activity have been heard that sound like they're having an event with music going on from the kitchen. Rob has heard footsteps coming down a flight of stairs into the kitchen with no one there. Rob and Laura both heard someone say, "Hey Laura" and waited for someone to come into the kitchen. When no one did, Laura went out into the dining room to check to see if someone had spoken her name. No one was out there.


Investigation: We split ourselves up into three groups of five or six, and we all headed to different locations. Many different personal experiences were had by different individuals.

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What was captured: Although many people had personal experiences, more debunking was done on this investigation than on the previous one. Strange tapping noises (some coming in direct response to questions) were discovered to be coming from forced steam radiators (each making its own distinct sound). The noises heard in the auditorium during our first investigation was discovered to be coming from vents into the equipment room along the south side of the building.


Opinion: This place has a long history. With all the weird things that have happened over the years, how could someone not conclude that some kind of paranormal activity was taking place here? Having firsthand experience working at the Engineers Club,

Conclusion: [Paranormally active]