Case #: 20120307-WM

"A Local Business"
West Milton, OH

6:30pm - 4:00am

  1. Pre-Investigation
  2. Investigation
  3. Conclusions


Pre-Investigation: Donna, Patty, Mike R., and Rob

Investigators present: Rob, Ed, Patty, Ilka, Mike F., Mike R., Sharon, Noelle, Tighe, Donna, Mikel, JoHanna

Special Guests: Sandy, Russ, Matthew, Sarah, Stephen, and Leon
(multiple members of the client's family were also onsite and unaccounted for during most of the evening)

Claims of activity: Donna contacted the client about getting us in to investigate this location due to the fact that she had worked there for a couple years and knew there was a haunted history. During our pre-investigation meeting, the client told us that she heard the alarm sounding that someone was in another section of the building when she was the only person there. She also claimed that a urinal would go off by itself in the men's room. There were creepy feelings of being watched while sitting in a back office. A back stairway was also creepy with a locked door that had opened by itself at some point. Pretty much every claim of activity was downstairs where the main part of the business and office is located.


Investigation: Rob, Ed, and Ilka arrived onsite almost three hours ahead of everyone else and set about getting the DVR system and cameras up and running. After a brief tour of the building, they headed upstairs to do some initial investigating and hopefully warm things up. Little did they know, they would be doing exactly that.
After some initial scouting of the area, the three of them sat down for an EVP session. On several occasions, noises were heard, one or two were in direct response to requests. Ilka went back downstairs after half an hour, leaving Ed and Rob the opportunity to attempt further communicaiton. Sounds were heard at one end of the banquet hall, and when they would go to investigate, noises would come from where they had just left. When they decided to split up, the sounds seemed to come from all around them, but they couldn't figure out what was making them.
The business has a pressure sensitive security system in parts of the floor, and at one point during the evening when everyone in our group was downstairs, the system alerted that someone was upstairs. When we sent someone up to check, no one was up there.
As the night went on, the upstairs seemed to be the main focal point of any activity. The strange sounds and weird sensations continued. Some people felt compelled to enter one room while others felt afraid. A weird white orb passed between two investigators, but wasn't caught on video. The orb seemed to be the highlight of the evening, but after most of the team had left, about four of us stuck around to continue the vigil upstairs. Unfortunately, all activity had ceased by this point.

(no video)


What was captured: There were several times that stray voices were captured on the audio recorders. Unfortunately, several members of the client's family and their friends arrived onsite (many of which were [or already had been] drinking alcohol). Therefore, we had to throw out virtually all of the EVP responses we may have gotten due to contamination.
However! That's not to say it was a complete waste of time, because many people had personal experiences...all of which occurred Upstairs where no claims of activity were heard of. The men's bathroom had a feeling for several that they weren't supposed to be there. Some felt drawn in, as if being beckoned by someone. A large white ball of light was seen by two different investigators. Responses to knock requests were also recieved.
During a break in investigating, the alarm system indicated that there was someone moving around upstairs, but when checked, no one was up there.


Opinion: While we were very surprised at the activity and responses we received, we can't conclusively say for certain that this location is truly haunted. Further investigation (on a much smaller scale) is warranted.

Conclusion: [Case remains open]