Case #: 20120825-D

Private Residence
Dayton, OH

7:30pm - 12:30am

  1. Pre-Investigation
  2. Investigation
  3. Conclusions


Pre-Investigation: Donna, Patty, Sam and JoHanna

Investigators present: Donna, Rob, Mike R., Mikel, Noelle (client stayed and investigated with us)

Claims of activity: With this being a rental property, we had to obtain permission from the landlord, who had no problem with us investigating, but made his feelings about all things ghostly and paranormal known--to him, it's all a bunch of "hooey."
The claims are that the husband and wife have seen/heard strange noises throughout the home. It is a small residence, two-bedroom, single-story with a basement (used for laundry, cat litter box, & storage) and a walk up attic (not being used). They've heard footsteps coming from the attic, seen an apparition in the hallway, and have varying health related issues. These include RLS, trouble sleeping (possible apnea), and one possible episode of sleep paralysis with hypoxia.
Upon arriving the husband also told us that the Sunday prior to our arrival, both he and his wife had gone to the door to the attic to holler up there for whatever to be quiet, and they were both met by a sudden rush of cold air that blew past them. He also told us that his doctor had prescribed him Ambien, and that his wife was on various medications as well for certain health issues that she has.

Historical Notes: It is worthwhile to mention here that this home has a history dating back to the 1960's of strange activity. The neighbor has lived next door ever since then and has seen strange things through the windows. Also, the house has had some unsavory characters as former residents. Prior to the clients moving in, the house sat empty (renovations) for the better part of a year. The previous tenants were arrested for a marijuana growing operation in the basement. There has also been reports of animal abuse/neglect as well as child abuse/neglect associated with people living at this address. So, it has seen its fair share of negative energies over time.


Investigation: Rob arrived onsite and met with the client--client's wife was offsite. The client showed the hotspots, and Rob voiced his concerns about his sleep problems (very loud snoring, tiredness) recommending a sleep study be done to rule out anything serious. As the other investigators arrived, they all set to getting cameras and everything connected and recording.

Baseline readings were taken with normal temps throughout (of course the attic was much hotter, being unused), but baseline EMF was at a 2.0mg with dangerously high levels noted in the basement of over 155mg. Further investigation revealed that while the breaker box was new, the old unshielded wiring was spliced into the new.

To start, everyone went in and investigated, but it quickly became apparent that this wouldn't be feasible. Voices carried throughout the house--conversation downstairs could be heard clearly upstairs. Rob sat in the chair in the living room where the husband usually sits for about fifteen minutes, just listening. After maybe a half an hour of investigating, the teams met out on the front porch to compare notes. Everyone was complaining of headaches, most likely due to the extremely high EMF exposure. It was decided that only two or three at a time should be in the house to investigate "shotgun style" while the rest stayed outside or went offsite.

The client joined both sets of investigators, and during an EVP session in the basement, he claims to have been touched. No scratches or redness were apparent. Not much else happened during the rest of the time we were on site, and we decided to break down around midnight and, after speaking with the client about trying to see what could be done about the high EMF, we headed out around 12:30am.

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What was captured: Other than some personal experiences of hearing sounds and the one incidence of being touched, nothing was captured on audio, video, or film. Out of respect for both the clients and the homeowner, no pictures/video/audio are being posted.


Opinion: We strongly urged the clients to try to find some way to mediate the EMF all through the home. We know it's tough being a renter where your hands are tied as to what you can effectively do regarding something as major as electrical wiring. We feel that if the EMF is taken care of and their health issues attended to, that they may find that the activity quiets down or ceases altogether. [Of course, if it doesn't, we're more than ready to revisit.]

Conclusion: It is our conclusion that even though nothing other than a few personal experiences (and headaches for everyone), it is still undetermined whether there is activity at this location. Given its less than wonderful history, there could possibly be some negative energies hanging around. With all the fuel from the stray EMF all over the place, there's plenty of power for any wayward spirit to draw upon. This case remains open, pending electrical repairs and health screenings.