Case #: 20130824-S

Private Residence
Springboro, OH

8:30pm - 1:00am

  1. Pre-Investigation
  2. Investigation
  3. Conclusions


Pre-Investigation: JoHanna, Rob, Ed

We were initially contacted via our Facebook fan page back in June by the client. They were working on renovating the house, which had been in their family for three generations (about 80 years). They had a lot of claims of activity over the twelve years that they'd lived there, but since renovating, they'd noticed an increase. They'd torn down a small, old barn that the husband's grandfather had built years before. We replied back with a Facebook message stating that we were interested in meeting with them at the house for a pre-investigation. The client had given their phone number, and Johanna called and left a message. We didn't hear anything back for several weeks, and not wanting to make a pest of ourselves, we figured that they'd found another group closer (Springboro is technically out of our investigation area).

After about six weeks, we finally heard back. They had finished with their renovations and had moved back into the house. Things were getting pretty heavy: their teenage son (the main focus of the activity) was seeing shadows in his room...he seemed to think it was his deceased grandfather. Their youngest daughter would run around the house playing with some unseen person she said was her uncle. According to her parents, her dad had a brother who had died several years before the daughter was born. When they showed her a picture of him, she said that's who she sees and plays with.

At the pre-investigation, we spoke with the parents and children, and they relayed their stories. They had pictures and video to show us--pictures on a camera. The photos showed a light anomoly in the garage moving progressively closer to the camera (which was stationary). We never saw the video.

EMF sweep noted moderately high EMF throughout the whole house and garage. It averaged out to about 5.0 milligauss.

Claims of activity: This house is one of the original homes built in Springboro. It is an ante-bellum, Federalist style cracker box two-story brick. Like a lot of the homes in and around Springboro, it is very unassuming on the outside--just another old house in a city of older homes.

In addition to the claims above, they claim to see a shadow person walk from the back of the house, out the door, and into the garage. Also a kitchen chair moved on its own on one occasion, and shower curtains were pushed aside on another. The mom has awakened to an apparition standing over the bed looking down at her.


Investigators present: Rob, Ed, Tighe, Sam, Cheryl, Johanna, Mike R.

Weather: The day dawned sunny, clear and cool with a nighttime low around 60ºF. The high was forecast to be in the mid eighties with much less humidity. The week prior saw some showers, scattered in coverage, with a cold front that had moved through the area the previous day that brought cooler, drier air in from Canada. This weekend was to be the nicest two days we'd had in a while, with Saturday being the better of the two. Thursday and Friday had started out with patchy fog, but Saturday was clear.
The night of the investigation was pleasant with temps around 72ºF and low humidity. The moon had been full Thursday night, and it was waning full on Saturday.

Investigation: We arrived onsite, got set up and were ready to begin investigating around 9:00 or 9:30. Rob went in first and did a 15 minute solo EVP session in the downstairs middle room. The owner's two cats were in the house, and the smaller of the two, a female cat named "Lily," decided to assist Rob in his investigating. She jumped onto the bed where he was sitting and was instantly attracted to the digital recorder's orange light. After a brief petting, she jumped down and proceeded to chew on the antenna tip of the REM pod on the floor. Everyone else came in from the backyard, so we regrouped and broke into small teams--a few staying on the ground floor, a few going upstairs, one going into the garage for an "isolation session," and a few watching the DVR screens in the kitchen.

Rob held a second EVP session in the parent's room on the ground floor. Initially, the larger of the two cats was in the room, but he quickly vacated. Settling in, Rob asked for the grandfather spirit to come forward and talk. At some point, he thought he'd heard a whistle, and radioed the rest of the team if they'd whistled, but no one had. [Reviewing the audio revealed no whistle was captured.] After a few more minutes, his four legged assistance walked in, demanding more petting, which was given. EVP session continued, asking for the uncle spirit to come forward and talk and finally asking for the spirit of the little boy who was supposedly burned up in a fire in the distant past.

The other teams investigated their locations and brought back nothing much. Photographs were taken, both prior to investigating, during, and afterwards with nothing other than a few dust orbs (and one or two spiders) showing up. Isolation sessions in the garage were done by Tighe and Mike R. with Sam and Cheryl investigating by themselves. Rob and Ed spent the better part of half an hour in the garage with Sam joining them partway. Several other team members walked around the immediate area checking for anything out of the ordinary. At about 11:30, some of the group were ready to leave, so we sat outside to discuss what we all thought was happening and left the equipment running inside. At around 1:00am, we tore down and headed home, hoping we'd caught something on audio or video.



per client request,
no photos posted

What was captured: There were a couple occasions where investigators thought they heard something, but upon further review of the audio, no sounds were captured. It is possible that, in the time they were there, they were being affected by all the electromagnetic interference. (Of course, you can also argue that perhaps the spirits didn't want their sounds recorded.) The above mentioned whistle is one such instance, footsteps in the upstairs hallway (which could have been the two cats playing in the room at the foot of the stairs), and an unexplained scraping noise along the far wall while investigating the garage.
It must also be noted that at least one investigator complained of a headache after twenty minutes in the garage. The unshielded metal wire running nearly the entire perimeter of the building blasts out fluctuating levels of EMF. Readings in the garage ranged from 0.5 up to over 10.0 milligauss. Additionally, the teenage son has a window fan that blows air in from the outside right at his head. This fan pegged our TriField 100XE EMF meter at 100+ milligauss. This is very dangerous, and we recommended that it be moved. (Of course, we realize that in the summer, upstairs is on average at least twenty degrees warmer than the rest of the house. So it's a tradeoff between comfort and health.)

EMF Readings by Room

EMF Reading (mg)
(Base - High)
Temperature Range (ºF)
6.0 - 8.5
80 - 81.6
Living Room
4.0 - 7.0
81 - 82.3
Middle BR
4.0 - 7.5
79.3 - 79.5
Downstairs Master BR
4.5 - 7.0
79.1 - 80.5
80.5 - 81.6
Small Upstairs BR
5.5 - 7.5
81.3 - 86.5
Upstairs Master BR
5.0 - 100+
83.5 - 90.4
dangerous EMF: fan
5.0 - 10
75.4 - 80. 3
fluctuating/pulsing EMF



Opinion: We went into this investigation with open minds. A historic building in downtown Springboro is just as good a candidate for a haunting as any other. It quickly became clear that issues with the electric in the house is most likely the cause. Remediation and shielding or rewiring (expensive) should help along with moving the fan or bed in the upstairs room.

Conclusion: We can't say this house in haunted. At best, this family is being visited by deceased relatives and people that have lived there before. Historic research provided no evidence regarding a fire at this location.

Update (9/2/13): Client sent us message via Facebook thanking us and saying that our coming out has helped with the kids not being scared. So overall, even though we didn't find anything paranormal, perhaps we did offer some solace.