Case #: 20130831-K

Private Residence
Kettering, OH

8:15pm - 12:45am

  1. Pre-Investigation
  2. Investigation
  3. Conclusions


Pre-Investigation: JoHanna, Rob

Claims of activity: The client typed and printed out the "Haunting events" for us to look at (something we now wish everyone would do). Here are the highlights: The mom has woken up to see the spirit of an old woman in a rocking chair by her bed; she and her youngest daughter have both seen the spirit of a little blonde boy in a reddish/orange shirt ;the youngest daughter has woken up screaming every night at around 2 or 3am from nightmares (very vivid and detailed about their house, but not like it is now); the mom, home alone with the dog heard a child's voice and laughter (their dog heard it too). Also, one of their other daughters has a room that smells like wood smoke.


Investigators present: Rob, Sam, Johanna, Patty, Donna, and Zach

Investigation: This was Zach's first official investigation with the team, and he held out for several hours before tiring out and crashing on a couch. Rob, Zach, and JoHanna arrived onsite just after 8:00pm and started getting set up. We ran 4 cameras: full spectrum in the youngest daughter's room, our best IR cam in the parent's room, and two regular IR cams in the basement: one in the eldest boy's room, and the other in the rec room. Sam arrived around 8:30 and helped finalize the setup. We started investigating in the basement. About 15 minutes in Zach thought he'd heard a voice responding to a question asking for a name. It showed up on audio, but after investigating further, we realized that the voices were from the homeowners talking upstairs.
After twenty minutes, we moved on to the other room, continuing with the line of questioning and asking for the spirit of the young boy to step forward (or anyone else for that matter). Much like the rec room, this room was quiet. So with about an hour's worth of investigating in the basement and a brief break, we decided to check the upstairs, where the majority of the activity was taking place.
We spent about half an hour in the girl's bedroom that smelled of smoke attempting to figure out where the smell was emanating. It wasn't that strong, and it was only noticable upon entering the room. Sam, a smoker, couldn't smell anything, but the non smokers did catch a whiff. We couldn't nail down where exactly it was coming from. We then adjourned to the youngest girl's room, but were only there for ten minutes before Patty and Donna arrived.
We took a break and got the two new team members acquainted with the homeowners. Soon, we were back to investigating, just Patty, Donna, Rob and Zach this time. JoHanna and Sam left at 11:00pm. It was soon apparent that Zach was getting tired, so he and Rob bowed out for the duration of the evening. Zach crashed on the couch in the family room, and Rob sat watching the cams. Patty and Donna investigated for another 90 minutes, and then we decided that it was time to head out.



per client request,
no photos posted

What was captured: The voices from upstairs were so faint on our recorded audio, requiring headphones to hear them, so this was thrown out as it was most likely contamination from sound carrying from the living room. The only other interesting thing transpired when Rob was watching the cams while everyone was talking in the living room. The cam upstairs in the youngest daughter's room moved slightly on two occasions then dropped. It was discovered that the duct tape had slowly worked itself free from the cardboard box it was locked down to. Nothing paranormal.

EMF Readings by Room

EMF Reading (mg)
(Base - High)
Living Room
3.0 - 7.0
high around electronics
3.0 - 5.0
high around equipment
Family Room
3.0 - 5.0
high around electronics
Master BR (up)
3.0 - 15.0
very high around electronics
Middle BR (up)
2.0 - 3.0
SW BR (up)
2.5 - 3.0
SE BR (up)
Boy's BR (down)
3.0 - 4.0
Girl's BR (down)
Rec Room (down)



Opinion: It's the opinion of those who were at the pre-investigation as well as those who investigated that both the mother and youngest daughter have some kind of sensitivity to spirit energy. It's up to the parents whether they want to encourage these gifts in the daughter or discourage.
They've been giving their daughter melatonin to try to get her to sleep. It isn't really recommended that children take melatonin as it can cause problems during adolescent development (see WebMD Side Effects tab). Just be sure to watch the dosages, and if her sleeplessness continues, maybe see a doctor. You might also want to ensure you limit the amount of light (TV, computer, tablets) prior to bedtime to help ease her into sleep. Speaking from experience, bedtime is always a battle at some point, and it does get easier, as you know.
We additionally recommended, as we always do, to move alarm clocks far enough away from where they lay so the electromagnetic energy these devices give off doesn't affect sleep (again, trading off safety for convenience).

Conclusion: We recommend takling to their church official and have them come out to do a house blessing, if that's something they're comfortable with. If things calm down with the recommendations we made, then so much the better. We conclude that they are probably seeing spirits of previous inhabitants from that area. Some spirits can come off as scary (what would you do if you were invisible then then realized someone could see you?). We feel that by blessing the house, following our recommendations, and with a firm "this is our house now, leave us alone" attitude, they will be able to live comfortably in their new home.

Update: Since a few days prior to our visit, the dad hid a motion activated wireless security camera in the room (almost like a nanny cam). The night terrors seemed to have stopped from that time. Hopefully this calmess will continue, and they won't be bothered anymore.