Case #: 20130928-K

Private Residence
Kettering, OH

8:15pm - 12:45am
(equipment left overnight, retrieved 11:00 am following morning)

  1. Pre-Investigation
  2. Investigation
  3. Conclusions


Pre-Investigation: Donna, Ilka, Zach, Rob

Claims of activity: Clients claim to have seen shadows, heard noises and voices, and experienced phantom smells. The male homeowner has done EVP sessions throughout the house (which, at the time of our investigations was unoccupied--though since has been rented out). He supplied us with three audio files, taken directly from his digital recorder to our group's laptop, which amounted to over an hour's worth of recording. The page with his evps can be found here.
The house itself was built in 1922 and has had a lot of additions and subtractions done to it and the surrounding property. It is a single story with a basement (concrete and dirt floor) and an attic space that was converted to an open room living/storage area. Up until the mid seventies, when the current owner's grandparents bought the property, there was a carriage house (garage) to the west side of the structure and a cellar underneath. This cellar had a lot of curious gears and pulleys and parts which led them to believe there was some kind of nutty tinkerer guy living there. Stories have been told to them about the previous owner being somewhat of a recluse and keeping to himself. In our research, we discovered that the surrounding property belonged originally (late 1800s) to a prominent German immigrant family. They were blacksmiths by trade coming over from Germany, but with the Industrial Revolution happening, they soon turned to machining. They opened a machine shop in Dayton, but eventually some of the family moved to Florida. The son that stayed behind (and most likely his son) were the original builders/owners of the machine shop and property.
In the 1950s, another house was built on the property, closer to the street. We also think that at a few points in its history, the original house was renovated as there are three different foundations evident in the basement (dirt/stone, cinder block, and recent concrete). It is quite possible that there were at least three iterations of homes (possibly more) on this land.It must be noted that there is evidence of some water infiltration that may be an ongoing issue along one rafter in the attic at the south side of the house. Also, there is a large crack in the porch which is being held up from below by a 4x4 brace and some shims. The house is off level, leaning to the south/southeast so it feels like you fall into the front room. We call this the funhouse effect, and over time can cause all sorts of issues with persons living in the home.
It should also be noted that a lot of the activity they reported has been seen from the other house: shadows, movement, etc. We were not allowed access to the house they live in, which is part of the same property. Additionally, the homeowner admitted there is mold inside one of the cabinets in the downstairs breaker box room. The basement has a thick, musty smell that catches in the back of the throat.


Investigators present: Rob, Ilka, Donna, Patty

Investigation: Rob and Ilka arrived on site around 8:00pm that night and got things set up fairly quickly. They investigated for about an hour before Patty and Donna arrived to take over after 10pm. The two of them spoke briefly to the homeowners and looked around a bit. Donna and Rob went upstairs to the attic for a brief EVP session while Patty stayed downstairs with the homeowner and Ilka, watching the monitors. Around 11:30, they broke and Donna and Patty went downstairs to do some investigating in the basement while Rob, Ilka, and the homeowner stayed upstairs.
Throughout the night, the neighbors, who live quite close to this house, were in their backyard shooting baskets. In that house, sound seemed to travel unimpeded. A digital recorder left overnight in the basement caught sounds from the outside as if they were happening in the room (airplane and motor vehicles).

Right around midnight, shortly thereafter, it was decided, after discussion, that we would leave the audio going downstairs along with the cameras. The next morning, Rob and Zach came over at about 11:00am to collect what equipment we'd left behind.

(no video)

EVPs (explanation): 1). While in the basement, after all members of D.O.G.S. have left, the homeowner hears a voice. 2). Homeowner asks a question and receives noise in response. 3). This is the sound of someone leaving or coming into the basement after the homeowner left (he'd been gone for 90 seconds). This could be him coming down bulkhead steps to lock door to outside. 4). This small noise was all that was captured during the entire eight-plus hours no one was in the basement. It happened on a couple different occasions (maybe twice)--always the same sound.
The only other thing captured on the audio was a cricket (or some other chirring night critter). It sang almost constantly, at times for nearly an hour or more straight and was louder than any small sounds that might have been heard (6+dB).

What was captured: EMF was surprisingly flat throughout the house except for the usual locations. Keeping in mind that the house was devoid of furnishings and had sat empty for a few months while the homeowner was cleaning out after previous tennants left the place a mess. During the investigation, nothing was captured on audio or video (except dust orbs and bugs). After everyone had called it a night, the homeowner went back downstairs to do his own EVP session. He acknowledges the spirits that reside there and speaks to them as if they are lifelong friends. There are several times during his session that he hears things, voices, noises and even says he sees a white glowing something and dark shadowy movement. There are a few things that we caught on our recorder that coincide with things he voices, just noises.

EMF Readings by Room
(taken with Lutron 822-A)

EMF Reading (mg)
(Base - High)
Living Room
ceiling fan high when on (1.0+)
(faulty wall switch?)
3.0 - 5.0
high around stove clock
0.2 - 0.8
1.2 in closet
0.1 - 1.0
0.3 - 0.7
Enclosed Back Porch
0.5 - 0.7
Family Room
0.3 - 0.7
Light switch high EMF (faulty?)
0.3 - 0.7
Large Room Basement
0.1 - 0.3
Furnace Room
0.1 - 0.4
"Staple" Room
0.1 - 0.3
NE Room
0.1 - 0.3
Coal Chute Room
0.1 - 0.4
Breaker Box Room
0.1 - 0.3
breaker box typically high



Opinion: While nothing happened while we were there, things seemed to be more active when the homeowner was by himself. In our opinion, if his wife was with him, we would guess there would be even more happening. Perhaps these two are making things happen, whether they are the catalyst for it, providing the energy (knowingly or unknowingly) or not? Maybe they are just more open to whatever is there? Frustratingly, we couldn't provide any evidence in support of their claims.

Conclusion: We can't come out and say this place is haunted. It certainly could be, given some aspects of the building (certain materials used suggest a possible link to a Prohibition "safehouse" with a lot of old liquor bottles found on the property). Based upon our time spent on site and research, there simply isn't enough evidence to support it. Unfortunately, as of October 5th, 2013, the house has been rented out, so we probably won't be permitted back.