Case #: 20141025

Hertzler House Museum
Springfield , OH
Hosting the Wright Patterson Outdoor Recreation Group for their October ghost hunt

6:00pm - 2:00am

  1. Pre-Investigation
  2. Investigation
  3. Conclusions


Pre-Investigation: Brandon Dixon (director of the WPORG) contacted the museum which allowed us access to the location.

Claims of activity: A park ranger and his girlfriend live on the third floor (which was off limits during the investigation). They claim to hear noises, footsteps, feel like they're being watched.

History: Daniel Hertzler was a well-to-do businessman in Clark County. He was responsible for creating what would become the first bank in the county. However, on a night in October of 1867, four men broke into the Hertzler home and shot Daniel Hertzler dead. The gunmen were looking for money, which was hidden somewhere in the house. They never found it. Moreover, although two of the gunmen were captured, they, along with their other two cohorts, escaped and were never recaptured. This is the oldest unsolved murder in Clark County. At the time of his death, Mr. Hertzler was worth $300,000, which is around $4,000,000 in today's money.


Investigators present: Rob, Ilka, Ed, Donna, Patty, Mike R., Mike F., Mikel, JoHanna. There were also approximately fifteen members of the Wright Patterson Outdoor Recreation Group investigating with us.

Investigation: Ed & Ilka were first to arrive with all of the rest (except Rob, who was working and didn't arrive until 10:15pm) arriving shortly thereafter. Donna had the equipment in her possession, and after the full tour of the house, they set to putting the equipment up and preparing command central for the night's investigation. The bus for the Wright Patt group arrived around 8:00 pm. It was determined that some would investigate inside, some would wait at command central, and some would investigate the grounds.
Early on, one of the Wright Patt Group's (WPG) members, felt cold like she was being bothered by the spirits. [It must be noted here that this person has been with us on at least one other investigation with the WPG. She had similar claims of being cold and feeling like something was there.] Patty attempted to calm her and told the spirits to leave this person alone. They continued investigating.
Right before Rob arrived onsite, Patty, Ed, and this individual were on the second floor investigating when she again felt oppressed by the spirits with Patty this time hugging the woman and claiming the spirits leave her alone. It was at this time that Ed noticed (with the MEL meter) temperature fluctuations occurring between the two women. {fluctuating +/- six degrees of 75ºF}
Rob arrived at command central and was briefed on the evening's activities thus far. [It must also be noted that this was one of the first investigations where Rob was not involved with any of the setup. In his opinion, the crew did a fine job with camera placement and rolling with stationary digital audio.] Rob investigated with Donna and five members of the WPG while the others walked the grounds or sat at command central. They started in the sewing room, but quickly moved into the parlor attempting to make contact with Daniel Hertzler. Check out the EVP section below to get specifics on this part of the evening.
After investigating for a bit, Rob and Ed sat at command central with Ilka, Mikel, JoHanna, Mike R. and Mike F. while Patty and Donna investigated the upstairs with some other members of the WPG. During the EVP session in the parlor, the WPG member who earlier was being bothered by the spirits, was suddenly overcome and collapsed to the floor. JoHanna, the team's nurse, quickly ran upstairs to make sure she was okay. With an elevated blood pressure reading, it was decided that this person should go downstairs and take a break from the investigation for the evening.
At the end of our time on site, just before we started tearing equipment down, Patty and Donna were in the music room looking at a book that had marriages and other miscellaneous things written in it. Donna took a book from the shelf and got a cold chill on her back which felt to her as though someone was pushing her from behind. A few minutes later, Patty, Donna, and one of the WPG members were sitting at the dining room table when the Museum tour guides came up stairs. In the sewing room, the rack holding Mrs. Hertler's dresses was pushed over, knocking stuff everywhere and broke the rack when no one was around it. This happened when Donna told Mr. Hertzler that she would not put the pictures back on the wall until getting a sign from him. So, receiving the sign and taking it for what it was, they put the pictures back where they belonged and wrapped up for the night.

(no video)

EVPs (explanation): Footsteps in the dining room: Donna and Rob had six members of the WPG with them in the parlor doing an EVP session. At one point, Rob requests a sound to acknowledge that someone is there. Footsteps were heard in the dining room followed by more footsteps in the office/bedroom. No one was moving during this time.
Donna asks about children...: Up to this point in the EVP session, we had been talking about Daniel Hertzler. Donna inquired whether there might be one of the eight children who died on the property. This is followed by a deep, rasping breath. We think this may be Daniel Hertzler Jr. (who died of TB in one of the small bedrooms in the home).
Give Us a Sign: This is the "Big Event" of the evening, and it happened at the end of the night as we were tearing down. The audio comes from the recorder that was in the dining room. It captures Patty and Donna, who were looking at books and photos on the wall. They had taken one photo off the wall and said if the spirits wanted them to put it back on the wall, they would have to give a sign of their presence. That's where the 1 minute and ten seconds of audio picks up. Patty then remarks about the train coming (the first one they'd heard all night) and how it sounded like the train at Poasttown School. After the train sound fades, you can hear the two museum tour guides coming upstairs. Just as they reach the top of the steps, the dress rack in the sewing room (down the hall from the dining room) topples. No one was in the room at the time; everyone's whereabouts is accounted for at this point.

What was captured: (Aside from audio and some weird wear patterns and smudges on the mirrors, and several personal experiences, nothing noteworthy was found.)


Opinion: We enjoyed investigating this historic location with our friends from Wright Patterson Outdoor Recreation. The museum staff was very courteous and extremely helpful and knowledgeable. It is our hope that we can return and further investigate the house with just members of our group.

Conclusion: Right now, it's inconclusive, based on the little that we captured. There were certainly some EVPs caught that had strange noises on them that coincided with topics being discussed or requests. What has our collective curiosities piqued was the event that transpired at the end of the night. With a piece of furniture falling over with no one in the room, punctuating our decision to leave, as if to say, "Fine! Get out!"