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Our Mission

DOGS strives to obtain a professional and confidential rapport with each investigation. We know that while people's beliefs in the paranormal may run the gamut from total acceptance to outright and sometimes hostile disbelief, society as a whole has made it tough to call upon or even locate a team of paranormal investigators like us and ask for help. Although with each passing year, paranormal and ghostly phenomenon are being portrayed in all kinds of ways on TV and movies, making it seem more mainstream and more commonplace. True hauntings are actually pretty rare.

In the Digital Age, the Internet is the most valuable tool that we can use as a means to establish and maintain contact and keep our clients informed and updated. Any evidence that is posted on this site under Case Files is done so with anonymity so no one but members of our group and the client know about the exact location.

Our Services

With your permission, we will bring various electronic devices to your location in order to catch evidence of paranormal activity. If you wish for further confidentiality, you may request that only the founding members be involved in the investigation and that no evidence be posted to this site. We hold your right to privacy above all else.

Our Goal

Our goal is to find a way to help allay your fears and calm the situation while at the same time assist in bringing about an understanding of the problem and why we think it is happening based on our findings. Our group will take your experiences and concerns into consideration while we set up our electronic devices and attempt to recreate your personal experiences. After our investigation, we will share with you what we have found and discuss what we think is the root of the problem. We utilize the case files page to allow you a link to our report and findings where you can download digital copies of any evidence we obtain.

Keep in mind that we are not affiliated with any church or religious group nor are we "Ghostbusters." We make no claim to be able to remove entities from your location or person. We assess the situation and offer advice on how to best deal with the activity in your home or business. Most people that do spirit removal will require a team of investigators come in first to verify that there is in fact something going on. If spirit/negative energy removal is deemed necessary, we have consulted with someone in prior cases, and we can put you in touch with her (though she will probably charge for her service). The service we offer is to determine if what you are experiencing is a haunting and assess what type of haunting it is and the severity. We do this by considering your claims of the activity you're expereiencing and the evidence we gather during our on-site investigation. Sometimes, the evidence we collect will leave us with more questions. It may take multiple investigations for us to find out what you're experiencing.

We have an eclectic group of individuals that are first and foremost friends (some even relatives). We are a laid back, easy going group that makes every effort to take your concerns and considerations above everything else during our investigations. We love doing the research, going out and hunting for ghosts, and solving the puzzles that each case throws our way. We have groups (both national and local) that we associate with and consider good friends. But DOGS is unique unto itself and has made an effort to keep our individuality through hard work and dedication to our group and those who choose to contact us for help.

If you would like to have us out to investigate your location, you have a few options. You are welcome to visit our contact page to discover what those options are.